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Why I Added Pronouns to My Profile Name

Shortly after I added (she, her) to my profile name on LinkedIn and left a comment on a friend’s post, someone I love responded with “lose the pronouns” in his response to my comment.

I was annoyed, why would he care what my title says? It felt insulting, critical, like a condescending comment you’d expect from your older brother when you were teenagers.

Now I have nothing but appreciation for that snide remark.

As I took my walk on the mountain behind my house that day, I thought more about his comment. I hadn’t truly considered why I added the…

You Were Born for this Time.

You Will Make Your Own Stories

You keep hearing the word unprecedented, right?

For some reason, it seems to be coming with negative connotations.

What if, instead of thinking —

2020 happened to me

you decide —

2020 happened for me?

This is your time, friends.

Unprecedented doesn’t mean bad. It means unique.

It means no one has faced what we are facing right now, in the way that we are facing it.

What does this mean for you?

It means you get to create this year of school, whether it’s your freshman year or senior year of high school or college, or any other year…

Sometimes It Takes Cruelty to Awaken Us

Helena Brewers at Kindrick Legion Field, Helena, Montana

I had performed the National Anthem at baseball games a few times that summer as a duet with my close friend, and as a trio with that friend and my sister. Each time we performed together we heard rave reviews. As we walked away from home plate toward the fence and the bleachers, our home team would come up out of the dugout to high five us.

(Want to listen to me share this story on my podcast? Click here:

And opportunities taken…

I’ve had a handful of good managers in my career. I consider them good when a manager trusts me to get my work done, cares about me, doesn’t micro-manage, and does their best to advocate for me and provide the resources I need to do my job.

Click here to listen to this post on my podcast, Your Stories Don’t Define You. How You Tell Them Will.

What’s missing here?


Early in my career, I was offered an incredible opportunity to be a branch administrator in Washington DC as the branch transitioned to a new owner, a company based in…

Mount Helena City Park, Helena, Montana

Hint: It’s a Thing You Do Naturally, And Don’t Even Know It’s Unique

In March I was gifted a book and code to take the StrengthsFinders assessment. Because I trust and admire the person who gifted it to me, I took the assessment and read through what it meant. I’m not a big fan of personality tests and other assessments for a few reasons:

  1. They can be used in a negative, labeling way, giving people an excuse to not pay attention to the needs of the people around them.
  2. They often aren’t paired with coaching or clear strategies for applying what you learn about yourself.
  3. If they are done out of context, without…

If You’re Stuck, Leave Your Comfort Zone Behind

From Melissa Hughes’ book, Happy Hour with Einstein:

If you find yourself stuck on a problem, try working on it somewhere else.

When you move your body, and change your scenery,

The brain produces dopamine to mediate pleasure and rewards. These chemical energizers also stimulate motivation, attention, and cognition.

Outside of my routine, I’m my most innovative, my most creative. On a recent trip from Montana to Virginia, I found myself digging deeply into some obstacles I was facing in my work; and creatively finding all kinds of solutions that were eluding me while sitting at my desk.

As I…

Prepare for Fall Conference Season

#NLVDenver2018 Participants

I was so excited to start working on some of the ideas I had, and to apply what I had learned, I actually arrived early to work the morning I returned from the conference. That’s a big deal for me; I love to sleep and rarely choose to get up any earlier than I have to. But that morning was different. That week would be different. My JOB would be different. I was on fire.

Listen to this on my podcast here.

The conference had been full of great topics, from sales to leadership, from marketing to financial analysis. The…

Modeling Behavior to Change the Story

When he was a year old, I noticed that when I handed him something or helped him with something, he would say “dee-dah” in a sing-song voice “dee-dah!” It was different from his “da”, which meant he wanted something, that word sounded like “that.” He didn’t have words or sentences, but if you have experience with little children, you know sometimes you can understand certain phrases before they sound like words.

I called my mother and she heard him say “dee-dah” when I handed him a cracker. “What is he saying?” I told her I didn’t know. She said “it…

How Do You Interpret Recurring Dreams?

Over the years, I’ve written about both kinds of dreams, awake and asleep.

I’ve always believed our sleeping dreams have some deeper meaning and purpose than entertainment; when my husband gave me a book about interpretations of dreams, my belief was solidified.

There’s a lot of research about dreams, and many don’t believe they have any kind of meaning. The book I read proposed that our dreams are made up of our subconscious observations, and that the purpose of some dreams is to prepare our conscious minds for situations that may occur in our waking life. The dreams aren’t necessarily…

“I have to figure out my purpose.”

“I’m struggling to find my ‘why’.”

“I feel like I’m walking through deep sand, lost and with no purpose.”

Many of my friends and clients are in transition, and these are the phrases I hear.

This may be controversial… I think seeking your “why” is overrated, and not particularly helpful in finding happiness and fulfillment.

Sarah Elkins

Just like Superman, this is just a day job... my alter-ego is a rock star!

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