There’s No Such Thing as “Misperception”

Park Lake, Jefferson County, Montana

Is Misperception Real?

“You’re so little! I’ve been reading your work for years, and when we talked on the phone I had this image of you as being much taller!”

I wasn’t insulted. It was almost flattering. After all, there’s research to show that tall women are often more successful in business than petite women.

But why did she have that perception? What is perception, anyway?

Perception is about sensing; it’s about how you understand something.

The woman’s perception of me was based on my voice, my picture (headshot), and my writing. And even though she was wrong about how she visualized me, her perception is still valid because it was a sense, not a fact or observation. Perhaps the concept of “misperception” (which isn’t even a word, according to MS Word, though it shows up in can exist, but in my mind, it only exists in the past tense, and only by the individual who can say “I misperceived.”

Perception is different from understanding, I believe in misunderstanding! Misunderstanding is usually the result of communication break-down, not necessarily a sense, or some unconscious bias.

Perception, by definition, is a sensation — and very personal. It doesn’t matter the intention of the speaker, because the listener’s perception is valid, even if it’s misguided or coming from a place of bias. We all carry bias as a result of our upbringing and our human nature. We come to certain conclusions within seconds of an interaction with another human.

It’s a choice we make to change our perception through curiosity and open mindedness. A person cannot “mis-perceive”, because perception is a sense, or feeling, or interpretation, it’s like saying someone didn’t feel something. How would you know what someone can or cannot feel?

Those people who are self-reflective and intentional about how they’re being perceived are a lot more likely to be successful in their endeavors.


Because the people around them know what they want and will provide the support and advocacy they need to succeed. We cannot be successful on our own; we need people to believe in us, buy our products and services, trust in our ideas, and share good reviews.

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Originally published at on July 13, 2016.

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